SUNSTONE GROUP Jump Ahead Training, Kuala Lumpur – July 2013

The training was organized in Corus Hotel, KL. All Senior members of the Sunstone Group from Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam participated and our BIG Boss, Mr Carl Thong, was the trainer. This will be the start of a series of training programs for the senior team to help us become better persons and eventually better managers. We would like to thank the bosses of Sunstone Group for their commitment in time and expertise towards our career development and personal growth. Your efforts will not go to waste!

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Let’s see what the pictures below tell you!

Seriously serious!

Smiling makes such a difference! :)

What have we gotten ourselves into??!!

Come la! Let’s show our pearly whites!

What was the joke??

Let’s say cheeeeeeeese……

Now let’s pay attention!

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