Health On-line understands you and your customers.

Health On-line offers you a 1 POINT Service at your doorstep, at your home or office providing the convenience to you, your customers and your staff.

With our extensive experience and network in the medical industry, we are able to offer you a full range of services throughout Malaysia:

  1. Mobile Paramedical Examination Services
  2. Attending Physician Statement Services
  3. In-Clinic Services
  4. On-line Medical Status Portal
  5. Medical Document Management Services
  6. Executive Wellness Health Screenings
  7. Customer Loyalty Program
  8. Medical Director Advisory (MDA) Services

1. Mobile Paramedical Examination Services

Paramedical examination services are pre-insurance examination services conducted on a mobile basis. Our examiners are nurses and paramedics who are able to travel to the client’s home or office to perform specific examinations on behalf of insurance companies. Tests that can be conducted are:

  • Paramedical Examination
  • Specimen Collections (Blood Draw and Urine Test)
  • Resting ECG
  • Reflex Tests
  • Questionnaires
  • Attending Physician Statement (APS)

2. Attending Physician Statement Services

Underwriters often require a detailed medical history report from the attending physician who is treating the proposed insured.

These reports that are filled up by the attending physician are known as the “Attending Physician Statement” or the “Medical Attending Report”.

The whole process of getting a report from the attending physician is a time consuming and tedious procedure. In Health On-line, we offer a 1 POINT Service to you and your clients by having a dedicated team to handle these reports for you.

3. In-Clinic Services

Over the last 10 years, Health On-line has developed an exclusive panel of clinics, hospitals, medical centers and doctor practitioners to cater to your needs. Through this panel, we are able to provide various specialized in-clinic services for our insurance clients, particularly for our high value and VIP clients.

Historically, clients often have to move from one clinic to another and have to endure long waiting periods to obtain their comprehensive examinations until it is completed. As such, our service provides special attention to clients where one comprehensive examination procedure is offered. In turn, this provides our clients the convenience by reducing waiting periods and reducing the risk of incomplete medical reports.

To-date, we are continuously striving to expand this exclusive network. Health On-line also monitors this network through a “clinic credentialing” process to ensure that we provide consistent and good quality service to our clients.

To add, we work closely with a team of laboratory specialist as our partners to provide a full menu of laboratory tests to reduce administrative headaches associated with risk in medical evidence.

Our exclusive panel of clinics is able to provide the following:

  • Doctor’s examination
  • Urine collection
  • Blood draw
  • Resting ECG
  • X-ray
  • Stress test/ Exercise ECG test

Please view our Clinic Coverage here.

4. On-line Medical Status Portal

The Health On-line Portal was designed to give insurance companies direct access to their medical cases. By logging in, you may see the current status of all medical cases handled by Health On-line. Please click here to visit the On-line Portal.

5. Medical Document Management Services

Health On-line offers full scanning and data management service for all medical reports. This service includes daily CD’s and monthly back-ups on DVD’s. Once you have signed up for the scanning service, you will then have access to all your medical documents within a few hours.

6. Executive Wellness Health Screenings

We provide a full range of wellness programs that are designed for companies who want to create or implement corporate initiatives for employees and clients. Our 1 POINT mobile health screening programs ranges from physical check-ups, full blood tests to resting ECG, providing a value added service for our customers which is part of our Customer Loyalty Program.

7. Customer Loyalty Program

Health On-line is committed to growing insurance underwriting professionals together.

We are currently developing various programs for our key clients, in order to enhance the cooperation, understanding and professionalism of the underwriting and insurance medicine industry. These programs are categorized under the Customer Loyalty Program and are planned throughout the year.

  • Insurance Medical Talks (Training for the underwriting team)
  • Training for Insurance Agents.
  • Health screening for insurance staff

Do visit our News page to read more about our previous programs with our customers. Click here to read more.

8. Medical Director Advisory (MDA) Service

Health On-line has partnered with various professionals to offer you a fast and accurate advisory solution on underwriting cases that you may require additional help on, particularly when you need a second opinion for underwriting and claims.